02.06.2024 Build a No. Fuzz from MAE, workshop

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If the workshop appears sold-out, please check other enclosure color options :)

This is a beginner-friendly workshop for people who would like to learn soldering and pedal assembly. No prior experience required! We will be building No. a fuzz pedal from Mask Audio Electronics.

After the workshop you will have all the resources and knowledge to build most of the through-hole pedal or synth kits. You are welcome to use the tools at the shop, as well as our DIY link library.

Time & Place

The workshop starts at 12pm. How much it'd take to build the pedal depends on you. If you are a beginner, please budget 2-3 hours.

Location is our shop on Weichselstr. 32 12045 Berlin (HEADS UP there are two streets with the same name in Berlin, you need the one in Neukölln, not Friedrichshain).


We will have acrylic markers and rubber stamping tools at the shop for you to decorate the enclosure.

We can also laser-engrave your own graphic on the enclosures that have a powder coat (every enclosure option except for "bare"). For instructions please see this doc. Deadline for the designs is one week before the workshop.


You have the option to cancel and get a refund up until 1 day before the event. We would of course refund everyone if we have to cancel the workshop for any reason.

Future workshops

We do workshops regularly. If you can't make it to this one, the best way to get notified about the upcoming events is the mailing list. You can sign up for it at the bottom of this page.


NO. comes deep from my pedal roots. From a time when internet forums ruled the pedal zeitgeist and the two knob fuzz had room to be explored. With cascaded octave generators NO. brings the chaos. Thick and with an ever-present octave. Still made in small batches by hand but offered at a price that all can afford.

- Alec, Mask Audio Electronics


  • MORE: Sets the amount of bass going into the first octave generator. Acts somewhat like a gain control.
  • LOUD: Overall volume. This one gets loud quick.
  • PAIN (Toggle): Intensity of the second octave generator.