02.08.2020 Error Instruments – Build Your Own Synthesizer workshop

02.08.2020 Error Instruments – Build Your Own Synthesizer workshop

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Workshop date: 02.08.2020 1pm
Location: Pedal Markt, Weichselstr. 32, 12045 Berlin

In this workshop, we are soldering a stand-alone analogue synthesiser. The DIY kit is constructed in a way that in 40 min you can solder your (analogue) synth. Have you never soldered? No worries, we guide you and for sure you will walk away with an operating synth.

You can choose to build either the Blind Noise Nano or the Data Synth.

You don't need to have any prior knowledge or skill to attend the workshop! Just your desire to learn and mess about with electronics.

Blind Noise

You will build a stand-alone synth that is responding on your body fluid, this creates an experimental touchable synthesiser. Error instruments are inspired by muscles instinct and memory as an only control of the sound. By using this touch interface you will create organic and bubbly tunes. The front panel has 4 potentiometers, in​ combination with 6 oscillators will give lots of options of letting the sound escalating.

The Blind Noise is running on a 9V adaptor or a 9V battery.

Data Synth

You will build a digital synthesiser that is inspired by game sounds and noises with 70 algorithms available. It has some circuit bending Influence and there are a lot of different sounds in there. You can use it as a standalone tabletop synth or like a gaming console :)

Data Synth works on a mini USB 5v power.

The plan

  1. We start with how to solder
  2. Solder all components
  3. Test the device
  4. Jam 🥳

Included into the price:

  • DIY kit for Blind Noise* or Data Synth
  • A place to work with all the tools provided
  • Option to customize your front panel by an order of more than 10 pieces

*9V battery for Blind Noise is not included.