09.06.2024 Build a PT Delay, workshop

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This is a beginner-friendly workshop for people who would like to learn soldering, pedal assembly and the basics of the inner workings of a PT2399 Delay.

After the workshop you would have all the resources and knowledge to build most of the through-hole pedal or modular synth kits.

We provide all the tools and components, a pre-drilled enclosure and basic knobs.

It is a full day workshop. We start at 11am and finish around 4-6pm, depending on your skill and prowess. Location is our shop on Weichselstr. 32 12045 Berlin (HEADS UP there are two streets with the same name in Berlin, you need the one in Neukölln, not Friedrichshain).

Discounts are available for people from underrepresented communities and those who can not afford the full price of the workshop. Please reach out and we'll figure something out hey@pedalmarkt.com

PT Delay

We are going to be building an original, although pretty bare-bones delay circuit. It is based on a ubiquitous lo-fi delay chip originally designed for karaoke systems by Princeton Technology Corp.

The pedal goes all the way from clean, reverb-like slapback sounds to noisy and crunchy repeats on longer time setting. The mix knob range is full dry to full wet. It does not self-oscillate when running regular level signals into it, but can be pushed over the edge by putting an overdrive or compressor in front.

Controls are: Mix, Time and Repeats.


We will have acrylic markers and rubber stamping tools at the shop for you to decorate the enclosure.

We can also laser-engrave your own graphic on the enclosures that have a powder coat (every enclosure option except for "bare"). For instructions please see this doc. Deadline for the designs is one week before the workshop.

After the workshop

We have collected a decent amount of links and resources for you to use by yourself. We also have a small community on Discord, there you can ask questions and get help with your builds. You will get access to those after the workshop.


You have the option to cancel and get a refund up until 1 day before the event. We would of course refund everyone if we have to cancel the workshop for any reason.