10.07.2022 Build a Kit: MAE Edition

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This is an intermediate-level workshop for people who have some experience soldering and would like to hang out and build a kit in a room together.

We provide all the components and the tools, a pre-drilled enclosure and basic knobs.

Discounts available for people from underrepresented communities and those who can not afford the full price of the workshop. For details please reach out to hey@pedalmarkt.com


This edition of Build a Kit is brought to you by Mask Audio Electronics and their two simple yet powerful fuzz pedals.

NO. comes deep from my pedal roots. From a time when internet forums ruled the pedal zeitgeist and the two knob fuzz had room to be explored. With cascaded octave generators NO. brings the chaos. Thick and with an ever-present octave.

One Knob Clang is a harmonic percolation device based on The Big Clang. Due to how sensitive the circuit is, you can control the gain from your guitars volume knob. Link to the build doc.

After the workshop

We have collected a decent amount of links and resources for you to use by yourself. We also have a small community on Discord, there you can ask questions and get help with your builds. You will get access to those after the workshop.


Because it is impossible to plan anything these days, you have the option to cancel and get a refund up until 1 day before the event. We would of course refund everyone if we have to cancel the workshop due to the virus situation in Berlin or if we the workshop is less than 50% full.