27.02.2022 Building a Fuzz Face Workshop

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This is a beginner-friendly workshop for people who would like to learn soldering, pedal assembly and the basics of the inner workings of a Fuzz Face.

After the workshop you would have all the resources and knowledge to build most of the through-hole pedal or modular synth kits.

It is a full day workshop. We provide all the components and the tools, a plain pre-drilled enclosure, basic knobs and a selection of transistors including the Soviet germanium MP38A.

This is a 2G event with max capacity of 5 people.

Discounts available for people from underrepresented communities and those who can not afford the full price of the workshop. For details please reach out to hey@pedalmarkt.com

Knob Knobs

We will have a selection of basic knobs at the shop, but if you want something special we'd highly recommend ordering Knob Knobs. They are weird and beautiful knobs hand-made in Berlin. We have to get the order in advance, they take up to 3 weeks to make:


We will have acrylic markers, metal and rubber stamping tools at the shop for you to make the enclosure yours.

We order enclosures from Tayda, that means we can also order them with a powder coat, it doesn't have to be bare aluminum. If you want that, please select the color at checkout. If you would very much like a color and it's missing from the selection, drop us an email, maybe we can find it!

We can also laser-engrave your own graphic on the enclosures that have a powder coat.

Deadline for custom enclosures is 01.02.2021, so we have time to order the exact amount of parts and minimize waste.


We would have a selection of transistors for you to try and experiment with. Generally speaking, silicon ones would sound screechy and abrasive, germanium would sound bassy and full. Each transistor on the board has its own trimpot so you can experiment with starving transistors, getting gated sounds etc.

After the workshop

We have collected a decent amount of links and resources for you to use by yourself. We also have a small community on Discord, there you can ask questions and get help with your builds. You would get access to those after the workshop.


Because it is impossible to plan anything these days, you have the option to cancel and get a refund up until 1 day before the event. We would of course refund everyone if we have to cancel the workshop due to the virus situation in Berlin or if we the workshop is less than 50% filled.