Cooper FX – Arcades

Cooper FX – Arcades

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Arcades can be any type of pedal you want. It is a versatile multi effect platform, but what makes it unique is that it determines what type of effect it is based on the card that is inserted into the pedal. Much like certain retro video game consoles, the Arcades will allow the user to swap cards to select the experience they want. Instead of a video game however, the change of a card will result in a different bank of eight effects.

This pedal ships with the LO-FI and PITCH cards (Experimental Package).

LO-FI card effects

  1. VHS – tape/vhs emulation with pitch modulation and bandwidth reduction
  2. Vinyl – emulates the sound of an old vinyl, with bitch bends, filtering, crackly static, and hiss
  3. Crusher – aggressive filtered and crushed square wave/synthy voice
  4. Delay – low fidelity delay with sample rate reduction and random modulation
  5. Reverb – warbly dusty sounding reverb with less than optimal reverberation smearing
  6. RngMod – ring modulator with ability to randomize frequency
  7. BitVrb – reverb with digital sample rate reduction applied to the trails
  8. Synth – samples a chuck of your sound and re imagines it as a synth like voice

PITCH card effects

  1. Dual – two voiced classic pitch shifter
  2. EnvGld – hard playing vs soft playing will cause the audio to change pitch
  3. Arppeg – two step arpeggiator
  4. ArpFrz – dual freezing delay buffers with pitch shifting, bouncing around from +1 to -1 octave
  5. Organ – simulates an organ soaked in the reverb of a cavernous cathedral
  6. Grains – plays back a chunk of audio, or grain, at a faster or slower speed to create a unique style of pitch shifting
  7. Glass – reversed reverb with pitch shifting
  8. Crystl – dual reverse delays with individual playback speed/pitch control