MAE – Civil Math, fuzz

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The Russian big muff is revered in the pantheon of pedals and among that class is my other favorite, the Civil War. The first generation of Russian big muffs had less gain and more of a round character then it's American cousins. When I took to adopting it to the Black Math format I took a couple liberties with the formula. I gave the muff side a lower gain transistor set to really give it a different texture and emphasize the roundness. And then in true MAE fashion, I then took the boost section and completely reconfigured it with double the gain of the normal boost to completely smash it to bits. You also get the features that made Black Math a player favorite, the better voiced to gain control and the blowout switch to really suit the sound to your needs.


  • BOOST: Pre-Muff Op-amp boost to saturate and overwhelm. 
  • GAIN: Amount of Gain. Allows for more treble frequencies to pass at low gain settings.
  • TONE: Typical Muff tone control. Wooly bass to the left and treble to the right.
  • LOUD: Amount of loud
  • BLOWOUT (Toggle): Removes diodes early on in the circuit for a more ragged texture and additional gain.

Internal Controls: MIDS: sets the amount of midrange dip or boost.

Uses standard Boss style power supply (9VDC 2.1mm center negative) and top-mounted jacks.