About Pedal Markt

Pedal Markt is a place where you can hang out, try cool pedals, meet other musicians.

It is an open space with all the cables and devices freely available to you to build and test your own effects chains. A few amps, a few guitars and a lot of pedals. At the same time if you prefer to just sit in a comfy chair, have a coffee and chat with us about gear – that’s fine too! Hey, everyone needs a break from weird noises. We get it.

We want to highlight local builders: small pedal and guitar makers from Germany and neighboring countries. We’d have their instruments and devices available in the store. But also we’d invite them to talk about their creations. How else would you find out that Russians make great transistors and how to make a fuzz act as a radio receiver?

It’s an experiment for us. So come show us some love and make noises no one has ever made before.

If you have a question or a request, please don't hesitate to drop us an email.