MAE – Line Blur, preamp & overdrive

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Line Blur takes the often overlooked parametric EQ and simplifies it down to a tool you’ll want to use all the time. With 34 volts of internal headroom and audiophile-grade Burr Brown opamps, Line Blur can take whatever you throw at it and give it a studio sheen. Bass at 100 Hz allows for a good fundamental on bass or guitar, variable mid-range from 600 to 1.3 kHz lets you carve out your spot in the mix, and Highs centered at 2kHz add a bit of shine or keep your pick attack from being too clacky. A nicely voiced preamp further drives those frequencies and compensates for level differences between instruments. Line Blur will be the swiss army knife for your pedalboard.


  • HI: Boost/Cut at 2kHz
  • MID: Boost/Cut at 600-1.3kHz depending on the setting of the FREQ knob
  • LOW: Boost/Cut at 100Hz
  • MORE: Preamp Stage Gain. Allows for leveling in-between instruments or a bit of grit at high settings
  • FREQ: Shifts Midrange center frequency
  • LOUD: Master Volume. Can be very loud