MAE – Maybe?

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The two Gremlins of the MAE lineup have been wrangled together and trapped in one box for full disharmonic gratification. Further enhanced for your stacking pleasure, MAYBE? can provide the amp destroying sounds you never knew you needed. Maybe set up one side for a full-bodied fuzz and filter it with the other? Maybe set up one side as a fake PLL bass clobbering its way through an overdrive? The two sides are yours to explore!


  • BOLD controls are for the YES! side
    • MORE: Input gain into the unit. Gate opens up more clockwise you go.
    • LOUD: Master volume. Very loud
    • SPLAT: Standard toggle for YES! Controls the amount of gating. Allows more high-end through when toggled up
    • HELL: Switches out transistors in the octave divider. Allows for fake PLL sounds 
  • Italic controls are for the NO. side
    • More: Sets the amount of bass going into the first octave generator. Acts somewhat like a gain control.
    • Loud: Master volume. Still loud
    • Honk: Debiases the NO. side. On lower more settings will sound absolutely broken but will impart a mid-range overdrive at higher more settings. 
    • Pain: Standard toggle for NO. Controls octave emphasis

Uses standard Boss style power supply (9VDC 2.1mm center negative) and top-mounted jacks. Enclosures are Hand Screen Printed and Powder Coated by Pinebox Customs in small batches.