PT Delay

PT Delay is our very own design in a compact 125B enclosure. We've designed it specifically to teach beginner soldering workshops. It's easy to build and sounds delightful!

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The pedal goes all the way from clean, reverb-like slapback to noisy and crunchy repeats on longer time setting. The mix knob range is full dry to full wet. It does not self-oscillate when running regular level signals into it, but can be pushed over the edge by putting an overdrive or compressor in front.

PT Delay is based on a ubiquitous lo-fi delay chip originally designed for karaoke systems by Princeton Technology Corp. That chip is a strange beast. It is digital in nature, but it's not a microcontroller, not something you can program. It's designed to do one thing only: sample the incoming signal, store the samples on chip and reproduce them after some time.

Download the schematic here

The core of the pedal (Sheet 2 "pt" of the schematic) is an echo circuit from the PT2399 datasheet with just a few values changed. The current sink and the anti-latchup circuits are taken from the fantastic article by Electrosmash. The input signal goes through an opamp-based buffer into both the delay core and the mix circuit (Sheet 3 "io").