Chase Bliss – Thermae Analog Timeshifter

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Analog delay that thinks it’s a synth.

Thermae is constructed around four reissued versions of the legendary MN3005 bucket-brigade delay chip, that can be sequenced, modulated, and overworked to reveal all the character analog delay has to offer.

It lets you push these chips beyond their intended purpose to generate melodies, reveal hidden textures and explore impossibly long delay times (up to 32 seconds). Round that out with synth-inspired controls, and you’re set to filter, glide and step your way somewhere new.

  • Generate dynamic, playful melodies with the built-in sequencer.
  • Use Step mode for manual pitch-shifting or pure analog delay.
  • Synth-inspired controls to shape both your sound and sequences.
  • Add a secondary layer of motion with the advanced modulation.