Demedash Effects – 112+ Drive Channel

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In February of 2019, Schecter Guitars contacted me offering a trade of a guitar of my choice in exchange for a couple of T120 Delays and an Overdrive pedal.
I was more than happy to oblige, but had an issue - I didn't have an overdrive pedal I could make for them.
Not wanting to knock out a simple clone, I asked if they could give me a few months.
Being the semi-neurotic engineer that I am, I couldn't simply design something simple based on an existing unit. No, I had to build it from the ground up and refine it over and over, until it was perfect. So, by late May, after 13 circuitboard revisions, total overhauls, and countless prototypes, I had something that I was actually proud to put my name on.
Though it was built up around the super cool clipping stage found in a particular early 90's solid state amp (and thus named in honor of it), the 112+ doesn't actually sound much like its namesake - and only shares 2 out of a total 7 active stages with it, design-wise. On top of that, better Op amps, higher [if you can believe it] operating voltage, and less desire to enable the user to dial in 90's hair metal sounds makes the 112+ a beast unto it's own.
– Steve Demedash