Demedash Effects – T-120 Videotape Echo Deluxe v2

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Inspired by the garbled audio that accompanies worn-out and poorly aged budget bin video tape, the T-120 Videotape Echo gives you exactly the type of sound that you're hearing in your head when you look at it.

Feed your guitar through the T-120, and the recorded playback will be the sound of low bandwidth tape being fed haphazardly through a magnetic read head by an uncalibrated, unbalanced feed mechanism.


The T-120 DLX V2 contains some long-awaited features, and act as an upgrade to both the T120 V2 and the original T-120 Deluxe.

Notable Features include:

  • Randomize & Glide LFO Controls
  • Tap Tempo with 4 divisions (Quarter, Dotted Eighth, Eighth, Triplet)
  • Switchable Echo Trails
  • Reduced noise
  • Improved Stereo Image
  • Momentary Activation capabilities