Demedash Effects – T-120 Videotape Echo Deluxe

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Inspired by the garbled audio that accompanies worn-out and poorly aged budget bin video tape, the T-120 Videotape Echo gives you exactly the type of sound that you're hearing in your head when you look at it.

Feed your guitar through the T-120, and the recorded playback will be the sound of low bandwidth tape being fed haphazardly through a magnetic read head by an uncalibrated, unbalanced feed mechanism.

The T-120 Deluxe is offered as an optional $80 USD upgrade to the T120 for those that want more out of them. It takes the features and sound of the standard model, and builds upon it, offering several additional features:

- Soft Switching
- Echo Trails
- Secondary Footswitch, enabling swells of the echo repeats. Swell function can be used even in bypass mode for momentary operation
- Stereo spread output via TRS output jack.