Disaster Area – Midibox 4

Disaster Area – Midibox 4

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Updated and more powerful than ever, the MIDI Box 4 converts standard 5-pin (DIN) MIDI communications to a variety of 1/4″ formats.

Four independent control ports interface to your devices, and new user-accessible configuration switches make setup easier than ever.

Each control port may be set to one of four output modes, selectable using the DIP switches on the face of the MIDI Box 4.

Supported Devices:

  • Chase Bliss Audio;
  • Alexander Pedals:  All Neo Series pedals;
  • Empress Effects;
  • Meris;
  • Boss:  All 200-series pedals with 1/8″ MIDI jacks;
  • Swindler Effects;
  • Cooper FX;
  • Jackson Audio: All MIDI-compatible pedals;
  • Neunaber Effects: MIDI-compatible pedals with 1/8″ TRS jacks;
  • Bondi Effects

Please note that device support also requires a compatible MIDI controller.  The MIDIBox is a data converter only, and won’t magically make your controller work with these devices.  If you’re not sure about controller support, contact your controller manufacturer