KMA — Astrospurt, dreamy 4-stage JFET phaser

KMA — Astrospurt, dreamy 4-stage JFET phaser

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Time and Space are lost within the sound of the universe. Breath in and breath out, slow down and be ready for the Astrospurt. Fasten your seatbelt and get lost in the wide, warm and soft soundscapes generated by this pedal! The Astrospurt is KMA’s take on the classic four-stage JFET based phaser. Taking this classic analog circuit, we squeezed out everything we could to give you a versatile and great sounding, but very easy to use phaser.

We wanted to get rid of the fixed volume when engaging the pedal, so we implemented a control to dial in the right amount of SIGNAL, either to boost or cut it. To give you a possibility for a more subtle phasing sound, the Astrospurt has a DEPTH control where you can choose between a pronounced phased tone or a more slightly modulated signal. The Astrospurt is not just a regular phaser though, it covers all the spacey, dizzy and wobble sounds and has these all on tap. The MIX control defines the ratio of clean and phase shifted signal – turn it fully clockwise to get just a clean tone, but start turning it the other way and the sound gets much more crazier. Turn it fully counter-clockwise to get the pulsing vibe of the stars surrounding you. But there is something you cannot miss to hear before flipping the switch on the left – listen to the secrets of the black hole. Some crackling noise here, or a tock tock there. Turn up the EMPH control to push everything over the edge. Adding a distortion or a fuzz in front of the Astrospurt will bring you synthetic and metallic sounds – once tried, you will never head back! So turn up the SPURT control, see how fast the engines will flicker and at the end of your journey, turn it down and rest in that wide and swooshy tone.

Powered by an optional standard 9V DC PSU (negative center, 2.1mm, approx. 5mA current draw)


  • Emph – The emphase control transforms your Astrospurt into an all-noise from universe receiving station. Flip the switch below to activate it. Listen to a slight dok dok to a strong click click, over to that scary oscillating sounds from that hole in front of you.
  • Signal – Dial in the right level of the effect. You want to stay behind the band? Turn it down and roll off the carpet. To cut trough by a solo, turn it up to get a little boost.
  • Mix – Define your own mix of phase shifted and clean signal. Turn it clockwise for a clean signal. Go back to 12 o'clk for the classic deep and warm phase tone. Fully counter clockwise you can dive into dizzy vibrato sounds.
  • Depth – To get a deep phasing, raise the depth control. If you wanna a more subtle sound, dial it pack and enjoy.
  • Choose between a long swooshy phase sound or a very fast chop-chop modulation. Mind the engine to check out the speed.