Latent Lemon – Hurts

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The infamous Harmonic Percolator circuit tuned for maximum tone. Capable of filthy sub octave and wilful feedback, through to just a hint of grit, or an amp slamming transistor booster. Definitely more than just a fuzz.

As in the original HP-1 the Hurts uses both germanium and silicon transistors carefully selected and graded for both sound and gain. Inside it has a couple of trimmers, one to tune in the octave "sweet spot" and one for gain compensation in case of oscillation.

It uses 1N695 germanium diodes as in the original HP-1 and has a switch to change to silicon diodes which are slightly louder (my favourite on bass). In the mid position this switch bypasses the diodes making it a loud transistor booster that really pushes the front end of an amp. I have bought up the last of the best quality 1n695 diodes I can find, unlike the alternatives these germanium diodes bring out the octave effect whilst ensuring adequate output from the vintage pedal circuit.

I wanted a Harmonic Percolator that sounded something like Steve Albini’s, but couldn't find the sub-octave throaty HP-1 sound I was looking for - especially after I luckily got to record an old 70s original Ed Giese Interfax HP-1 which sounded amazing! Anyway, back in 2012, after more breadboard experimentation and research than is probably healthy, I came up with the Hurts pedal. Although I have now changed the name from 1000 Hurts to Hurts, it is still exactly the same circuit.


  • Harmonics - fuzz/distortion gain
  • Sputter - transistor bias
  • Balance - output volume
  • Deep switch - allows more low frequencies into the circuit and also adjusts the circuit to help prevent oscillation. Perfect for Bass and Doom!
  • Diode switch - Ge = germanium diodes, Si = silicon diodes, centre position = diodes bypassed.

Internal trimmers:

  • Octave: adjusts the octave “sweet spot”. Set diode switch to Ge and Harmonics to max for strongest sub octave effect.
  • Gain Compensation: It is recommended to leave this trimmer alone unless your pedal oscillates, in which case back it off slightly.


9V power - standard 9V DC. 2.1mm centre negative
Enclosure size: 120 x 94 x 42
Current draw - 33mA
Battery: no