MAK CST – Blasar

MAK CST – Blasar

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Blasar is a reverb pedal with a polyphonic signal capture function. The pedal is capable of capturing and retaining the sound of notes and chords, creating sound layers with long sustain. A vast array of sounds is possible with this pedal, from the background audio substrate to "organ sound" with a soft attack.

The control interface contains 4 knobs and 2 switches:

  • The MIX knob balances the processed signal with the "frozen" signal;
  • The Reverb knob adjusts tail length and saturation of reverberation.
  • The Range knob adds various sound harmonics.
  • The Volume knob controls the overall volume of the effect.

In the Manual position, with the "Press / Release" switch it is possible to select a more convenient way of fixing the sound. In the Press mode the sound continues when the 'Hold' button is held, until it is released. In the Release mode, holding the button is not necessary, just press and release, the signal will last until the next time you press it.

In the "Auto" mode, the fixation is triggered automatically, depending on the dynamics of the game and the attack. In the automatic mode in the Press position, the signal will be fixed only when the 'Hold' button is held down. In the Release position, holding button is not required, the signal will be held automatically.