Morningstar Engineering – MC6 Pro MIDI Controller

Morningstar Engineering – MC6 Pro MIDI Controller

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With MC6 PRO MIDI Controller you are able to control any device that accepts MIDI, regardless of brand or model. Each switch on your Morningstar controller can be programmed to perform any function you want.

Link to the manual.


  • 128 Banks of 4 pages, 6 Presets per page
  • Send up to 32 different MIDI messages with a single switch press
  • Five-pin MIDI In and Out/Thru
  • USB-C Device and Host
  • Four Omniports can function as TRS MIDI Outputs, Expression Pedal Inputs or Aux Switch Inputs depending on your needs.
  • Control devices that employ relay switching even if they don't have MIDI.
  • The Morningstar Editor you've come to know and love - now even better with a new and improved interface. Available on Desktop and Mobile