Pine-Box Customs – Sirens v2, chorus overdrive

Pine-Box Customs – Sirens v2, chorus overdrive

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SIRENS is a dual channel chorus/vibrato and overdrive.

From subtle movement, all the way to devastation upon the rocks, Sirens can offer you warm, traditional, all analog chorus sounds or a fully wet warble. Add an overdrive on the tail end, and you have a sound platform to get lost in for days.

V2 noteworthy upgrades

  • lag control has a 200% increase extending delay time by more than 1 second.
  • lows boost has been added.
  • soft switching for quieter operation.



  • MIX – blends the wet and dry signal. chose between 100% dry or 100% wet.
  • DEPTH – adjusts the LFO signal. from no movement to a deep modulation.
  • SHAPE – Blends between two waveforms. Triangle and Square.
  • RATE – sets the speed of the LFO.
  • LAG – sets the delay time for the LFO.

The chorus circuit was developed by Steve Demedash of Demedash Effects!


  • VOLUME – controls the output volume of the overdrive circuit.
  • DRIVE – controls the amount of gain in the overdrive circuit. from a subtle boost, to a fully saturated fuzzy drive.


  • True Bypass
  • High quality Neutrik jacks
  • Enclosures machined, powdercoated, and printed by Pine-Box.
  • Built from start to finish in the USA
  • 9V Standard negative ground power
  • measures 119mm x 94mm x 38mm 4.67"x3.68"x1.5"