Science Amplification – Mother Preamp

Science Amplification – Mother Preamp

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The Mother preamp is a recreation of its dual channel tube-powered namesake, but refined into pedal format. Just like the full-fledged amp, the Mother preamp is our modern take on the vintage high-wattage sounds of the early 70’s with added tonal range, control, and a voice all its own. The Mother preamp is designed to work equally well on your pedal board and into the front of your favorite amp, into a power amp, and recording interface/DAW (in conjunction with speaker emulation/IRs). The result is a wide-ranging utilitarian dual channel preamp that can add dimension and versatility to your rig with an eerily convincing Science signature tube tone.


  • Accurate tonal recreation of the dual channel Mother MkIII amplifier
  • All analog FET signal path for tube-like response and tone
  • Designed to accommodate both guitar and bass
  • Two footswitchable channels with independent Gain and Loudness controls
  • Shared Treble, Middle, Bass EQ section 
  • Depth control to tailor front end bass response and feel
  • Absence control to smooth or emphasize harmonic content 
  • Distinctly voiced dual outputs for use into the front of a guitar or bass amp, directly into a power amp/effects return, or recording interface (when used in conjunction with speaker emulation)
  • External footswitch jack for remote channel switching


Analog FET tube emulation

The Mother’s all tube signal path has been meticulously replicated in the Mother preamp using carefully selected field effects transistors (FETs) to accurately mimic the tone and response of tubes running at high voltage. The preamp responds to your playing dynamics and takes pedals in front without sacrificing headroom or harmonics, just like the amp would.

Dual Channel Tone Shaping

The Mother’s two channels range from a wide open pedal-eating clean sound, to edge-of-breakup, and vintage crunch on Channel A. Taking off from there, Channel B goes through shades of gain into heavier saturation, never losing sight of its fundamental voice. The familiar feeling EQ section can be used for musical tone shaping or transforming the voice of your existing setup. The unique Depth control adjusts pre-drive low end content for tighter or thicker sounds, which can be used to accommodate your guitar’s pickups, the pedal’s overdrive texture, or how the preamp reacts to preceding pedals. The Absence control fine tunes the high frequency content at the end of the signal path, providing passive smoothing when turned up, or an active top end boost when turned down.

Discretely Voiced Outputs

With its independently voiced dual outputs, the Mother preamp can integrate seamlessly with your existing setup, or be used as a stand alone preamp. The normal Output jack is voiced to work best into the front of your amp like a typical EQ or drive pedal, virtually adding two more channels to your setup. The Mother can also provide “always-on” tone shaping with one channel and an additional gain and volume boost with the second channel.

​The Mother’s secondary Power Amp/Direct Out provides the full-range response of the amp, designed to work into a more neutral power amp or your amp’s effects return/preamp in, effectively turning your preamp pedal into a full amp setup for live use. Alternatively, this output can be run directly into a recording interface along with your choice of speaker emulation, providing a no-frills tactile analog amp sim. 

Technical specs

  • Power: 9VDC center negative only, 150mA max
  •  Input impedance: 1Meg
  • Output impedance: <500Ohms
  • Bypass: True-bypass with relay switching (mute for Power Amp/Direct Out)
  • Dimensions: 5.72 in x 4.77 in x 1.55 in (145 mm x 121 mm x 39 mm)​