Suchahardman –  1420.405 MHz White Knob Low Gain OD

Suchahardman – 1420.405 MHz White Knob Low Gain OD

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1420.405 MHz is the frequency of the hydrogen line (the frequency by which hydrogen changes states) and also associated with the WOW! signal, which is what inspired the name of this pedal.

The 1420.405 MHz overdrive is a versatile, touch sensitive amp-like drive that ranges from low gain tone enhancement to an almost fuzz-like distortion. It’s a riff machine that cleans up well by turning down the volume control of the guitar (especially the regular germanium version).

At its heart is a MP38A npn germanium transistor (MPSA18 silicon in the high-gain version) that is being driven by a jfet boost stage and features a jfet output buffer stage that decouples the signal and makes it feel at home with anything before or after it.

Interesting sounds and tight riffage can be had by hitting it with an opamp booster, like the suchahardboost.

Made in Berlin.