#StayAtHome – Inspirational and educational resources for musicians on quarantine

Here's a list of things to do, learn and play with while we have to stay at home during pandemic of COVID-19.

Send us (@pedalmarkt) your suggestions on socials and we will add them to the list!

Stay at home

Digital collaborations 


ISOLATE/CREATE is a free resource providing creatives with digital assets to spark creativity and inspire digital collaboration, all while still practicing responsible social distancing and helping flatten the curve during the Covid-19 crisis.

The site has links to stems by Converge, Chelsea Wolfe, Pelican, The Armed and others.

Share your work and support the artists if you can!

Link: https://www.isolatecreate.com
Hashtag: #isolatecreate 

Jam with JHS

People behind JHS – a renown pedal building company and a fun youtube channel, have put together a track for you to remix, jam with and share.

Link to the intro video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RV3JVJvX6sI
Link to the files: https://we.tl/t-T76FZSj2II
Hashtag: #JamWithJHS 

Sample packs

Get them, support the musician if you can and use them in your music!


These music-making apps have always been free or are made free for the time of the pandemic.

Korg Kaossilator (iOS, Android)
Moog Model D (iOS)
Synth One (iOS)
DRC - Polyphonic Synthesizer (iOS, Android)
Coldplay : Hypnotised (iOS)
Endlesss - Multiplayer Music (iOS)
EGDR808 Drum Machine lite (iOS)
Blocks Wave: Record Music Live (iOS)


Fender Play

Fender Play – an online platform for learning to play guitar, bass or ukulele, offers 3 months free due to the crisis.

Link: https://try.fender.com/play/playthrough/


Scribd is an e-book and audio book distribution service. They also have a lot of sheet music and music literature available. They also offer a free 30-day trial.

Sign up and enjoy the great selection. Don't forget to cancel your membership after you've got everything you could for the service. In fact you can cancel right away after you sign up, you will still have access to the service until the end of the trial.

Here's one of the cool titles that's hard to get otherwise: Electronic Projects for Musicians by Craig Anderton

Link: https://www.scribd.com


This online education platform has a large selection of free courses for musicians: https://www.coursera.org/browse/arts-and-humanities/music-and-art

YouTube / Movies

PEDALphiles: An Ethnographic Film
A movie about pedal builders and musicians.

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