No photos allowed – concert photography exhibition by Tim Zlobin

07.01.2020 – 19.01.2020

Monday, 6. January, 19:00 – 21:30

No photos allowed

Have you ever loved a band so much you would travel to see them perform? You put in the work: booked the transfer, found a place to stay, carved out the time from your busy schedule. You made it to the city, you checked into the hostel, you stood in line at the venue, you entered the hall… Remember what it felt like every step of the way.

Would you do it again?

Tim would. He did too, many times over. Tim is a photographer and a music fan. He would travel after a touring band he loves. He would go to as many shows as he can to enjoy the performance and try to capture its energy on camera.

This exhibition is a dedication to musicians Tim is inspired by: Today Is The Day, Daughters, Sun O))), Steven Willson and others. A collection of snapshots of the intimate moment of exposure, vulnerability and immense strength. Powerful and raw, but beyond all musical.

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