Pedal Markt opening party

Our first pop-up effects pedals shop opens its doors in January. To celebrate, we'd like to invite you to an evening of beautiful music, weird noises and knobs tweaking 😈

The store will be open starting from 12pm. Come hang out, try out pedals and take advantage of festive discounts. Music will start at 6pm.

Here's the link to the Facebook event.


Joa Luna and Scar Polish — improvised set
Béla Meinberg and Alvin Wayne Shipp — improvised set

Scar Polish

Berlin-based Scar Polish, moniker to British-born Robin Fisher, is the final product of a transition phase. Taking an indie rock upbringing and switching things up with the inclusion of deranged electronics, Scar Polish takes a new musical leap into dream psychedelia, gritty sampling and ethereal soundscapes, yet keeping it playful, personal, lo-fi to its fullest and, most importantly, doing DIY justice.

Joa Luna

Subtle yet powerful voice, sounds of nature, foggy synthesizers and rhythmic broken beats - it all makes you feel like dancing. Just like the moon, we go through phases – constantly changing, constantly evolving, constantly seeking for answers.

Béla Meinberg 

"Two things parents should give their children; roots and wings."
This is how Johann Wolfgang von Goethe could aptly describe the development of a jazz musician. Translated into practice, this means: of course you have to experiment, of course you have to try something new and yet never forget the old, the "already been" or just dismiss it as "old".
For Béla personally this means: the old masters are the daily bread: Wynton Kelly, Red Garland, Bill Evans, J.S. Bach.
The "own sound" that is the result of being rooted in the old, growing more and more together with modern influences and own experiences. Nowadays this development is no longer a matter of course. Often the modern is preferred to the traditional and thus the basis of "old" is ignored with the feeding of "new".

Alvin Wayne Shipp

Alvin is a Guitarist and Composer from Portland, OR who has been performing and teaching in the Pacific Northwest for 15 years. He performs regularly with his singer-songwriter band under his own name Alvin Wayne, and as a side-man on Guitar, Bass and Piano. He is a member of the Creative Music Guild in Portland, and has performed in their Improvisation Summit Festival, as well as Festivals with Table & Chairs in Seattle. He currently lives in Berlin, where he teaches, composes and performs.

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